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05 th. Jan. 2018

RC12 now available, including new Features, Improvements and Fixes

BiteTheBytes released a new update of World Creator (Release Candidate 12). It comes with a new features and tons of bug fixes making World Creator even more stable. One major change is the UI system that is now fully customizable plus additional enhancements regarding the Noise and Voronoi filters.

16 th. Nov. 2017

RC11 now available, including new Features, Improvements and Fixes

BiteTheBytes released a new update of World Creator (Release Candidate 11). It comes with new features (scale reference, undo / redo, smoothing entire maps, progress indicators, angle selectors for filters / textures / objects / details, auto-save, and more). Also many improvements (improved sliders, integrated color picker, improved input fields, and more) have been done.

07 th. Oct. 2017

BiteTheBytes is Official Sponsor of the Special Olympics Hessen, Germany

BiteTheBytes is an official sponsor of the Special Olympics in Hessen, Germany. With this, we support handicapped people in their sporting activity.

03 rd. Oct. 2017

Upcoming Webinars - October 21 and 28

Discover outstanding features and learn optimum workflow with World Creator at Digital Art Live, presented by Stefan Kraus.

START: Saturday October 21 @ 8:00 pm

END: Saturday October 28 @ 10:00 pm

19 th. Sep. 2017

Upcoming RC8 Introduces a new and more Powerful Erosion System

The upcoming RC8 introduces a new and extremely powerful erosion system which is capable of creating absolutely fantastic and realistic results in real-time. The update sheduled for 21. September 2017.

14 th. Sep. 2017

80 level Announces new Release of World Creator

Getting attention from 80 level - Thank you :)

13 th. Sep. 2017

CGPRESS Announced the Release of World Creator

World Creator is doing some noise - CGPRESS announces the latest release (RC7) - Thank you :)

11 th. Sep. 2017

World Creator is Getting Popular in Italy

Annother announcement has been published at 3D ARTIST, from Italy - Thank you :)

08 th. Sep. 2017

CGSociety Released an Announcement of World Creator

An announcement of the release of World Creator has been published at CGSociety - Thank you :)

07 th. Sep. 2017

BiteTheBytes Released the 7th Release Candidate of their Terrain and Landscape Generator called World Creator

World Creator is getting closer and closer to the first official final release. Today we are proud to announce the 7th release candidate which is very stable and ready for use in production.



The press kit includes the World Creator logo, some assorted images

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